// Stores details of Andy Wotherspoon Ltd
function andyWotherspoonLtd() {
    // The important details
    var contents = {
        welcome: 'Hello, thanks for visiting',
        about: 'Software development contractor based in Leeds, UK',
        acronymsEtc: 'PHP, Javascript, jQuery, MySQL, MSSQL, HTML, CSS',
        testimonial: [
            'A fellow developer' => 'Just wanted to say ta for being the only person to
            present me with code to review over the last month that's not
            littered with obvious mistakes.',
            'A product manager' => 'As always, you are the wind beneath my wings.',
        contact: '',
        acknowledgement: 'I realise this whole thing makes no sense XD',
        copyright: 'All content © Andy Wotherspoon Ltd 2021'

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Bib@server:~/bib $ 0_0 /
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